Multiplier event in Milan!

On the 3rd June 2019 ICEI – Istituto Cooperazione Economica Internazionale, together with Fratelli dell’Uomo, the two italian organisations partner of the project, organised the national multiplier event in Milan.
The event was held in a special and symbolic place: the House of Rights of the Municipalty of Milan.


It was an important moment to disseminate th results achieved so far and present the activities implemented with the youngsters involved.

Throughout these past months ICEI has been working with 3 different target group, enhancing its cooperation with some local stakeholders, such as the Schooling Services of the Municipality of Milan. In fact, one of the target group came from the collaboration with ArtEducazione, an after schooling center that promote various activities for youth with fewer opportunities in one of the most multiethnic neighbourhood of the city.

Besides these kids, ICEI worked also with informal groups, coming from different background and willing to gain new tools to foster anti-discriminations activities in their different contexts.

Thanks to YARD project, ICEI enhance its local relationship with “Casa delle Associazioni” and “Medionauta Association“, where the meeting with youngsters were held.


During the multiplier event many youngsters, associations and local stakeholders took part to the activities. It was a great moment to present the YARD activities implemented with youth, YARD partners good practices and the Intellectul Outputs that will be delivered soon.

Moreover, the presence of some key person (eg. one technician from the Youth Policies Department of the Municipality of Milan) boost the debate among youngsters and local authorities on active citizenship, youth participation and anti-discriminations actions.

And during the event, all the participants could share their slogan and enjoyed the interactive photo booth moment!


Blind dinner, against discrimination

On May 22nd, the Municipality of São João da Madeira, partner of the YARD project – organized a blind dinner together with the youth association Ecos Urbanos. This activity was inspired by the experience of the Hungarian project coordinator: NHE Nevelők Háza Egyesület (in English: Educators’ Centre Association, ECA).

Participants were challenged and made to be part of their own lives through other senses that are not the vision, a dynamic proposal for the young people of this association, a blind girl and the young students of Bar/Restaurant. There was a sharing / debate at the end of dinner.

This “special” dinner intends to opening the perception of ourselves, of the other and of the world, through the feelings, to meet other experiences that provide a greater capacity to meet in the place of someone who may have some kind of  physical or mental limitation.

This concept dinner challenges guests to use all their senses when they dine in the dark! As such, a blind date takes on a whole new meaning at this unique eatery. Upon arrival, diners were instructed to leave any light sources in lockers, so they can feel and taste their way through a three-course menu served by highly-trained blind (or partially-sighted) servers. Chefs use stronger flavours and unique combinations of textures to compensate for the lack of sight.

With this activity, the main objective was to raise awareness of the difficulties that blind people face in everyday life, by educating all the patticipant to take action against all sort of discriminations.




Bullying: in debate with teenagers

In the frame of YARD project, on May 14th, the partner of São João da Madeira, Portugal, organized 3 sessions with students aged 15-18 years old about social relations.

The sessions included the participation of the actress Laura Galvão, well known by teenagers for having participated in a TV youth series.
She told her life story, marked by various problems including bullying. 

In total, around 300 youth took part into the event!
During the event, a special session was dedicated to the projection of a short film, which served as a motto for the debate.


For the develpment of this activity, the YARD partner – Município de São João da Madeira – has involved the youth association Cine Clube de Arouca.



3rd Project Meeting held in Milan!

From the 19th to the 21st March the project partners met in Milan to discuss about the project activities and implementation.

It was a crucial moment for the YARD group to share those results achieved so far and promote future plans together!

As a matter of fact, in the coming months each partner will go ahead working with the target group to support their commitment and their ideas to promote anti-discrimination activities.

Stay tuned!

Many thanks to all the partners involved!
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Presenting the activities of the project

The Municiplaity of São João da Madeira has recently met 3 groups of schools and 3 ONG’s that we’ll be directly involved in YARD project: School Oliveira JúniorSchool Serafim Leite and School João Correia.


The main goal was to present the project phases and to plan common activities to work together on the topic of the project and promote education on anti-discrimination actions led by youth.

The NGO’s who took part to the meeting are CERCI (an Institution for disabled people), Ecos Urbanos (a Youth Association) and Cine Clube (a social and cultural association). Since these organisations work to promote social inclusion, the Municipality of São João da Madeira is aiming at involving them to take action and join our project organising a public show and an open debate (or “tertulia“, in portuguese) to raise awareness on the impact of public actions to fight discriminations in our societies.

In fact, YARD project intends to contribute to fighting discrimination, fostering intercultural dialogue and the value of diversity among young people, by sharing, exchanging and transferring new and innovative non-formal methodologies to engage young people in becoming active agents of inclusive communities.

Read more about the project here



2nd Transnatioanl Project Meeting

The 2nd Transnational YARD Project Meeting was held in São João da Madeira, Portugal, from the 27th to the 30th June.
On this occasion, all the partners involved have discussed about the work they’ve implemented during the past months and about the general situation they’re facing in their countries, according to the project main topic.
The partners has also discussed about the Good Practices they want to share within the group to be put at test and adjusted in different local contexts to provide new tools and encourage more effective youth-led actions rejecting discriminations.
The group also met the Mayor of Municipality of São João da Madeira, Jorge Sequeira Vultos and also some local journalists to talk about our project mission.

The O Regional Newspaper published a detailed article about the project, you can read it here